Are you going stir-crazy or struggling with boredom during this pandemic, as you are being asked to stay home?  Do you long to have a meal out? Why not try to enjoy the wonderful summer time by planning a lovely picnic with your close loved ones at the nearest park or even your backyard, bearing in mind the current local and state rules and restrictions in effect. Here’s your guide to the perfect summer picnic to break up the monotony through this challenging time brought to you by Earth Bunny best fabric bowl covers . Get that picnic basket out, what are you waiting for!! 

fresh fruits


First and foremost, start by putting together the perfect picnic basket that caters to all your needs. The picnic basket may include a well-thought out charcuterie board filled with your favorite cheeses, and olives, salami and other cured meats, preserves, grapes, and multi-grain or table crackers. Another easier option would include jalapeno poppers, bruschetta, or sourdough with salted butter, and various berries; such as, blueberries, strawberries, cherries which are just perfect for bringing in the flavor of summer to your picnic. 

picnic platter


For the main dish, you could either opt for sandwiches, a bucket of chicken, hot dogs, a veggie bowl, or for something more creative a multi-ingredient burger bowl. You can customize your burger bowl the same as you would with a traditional made burger only in a bowl by adding your favorite ingredients like mayo, nitrate free bacon, diced onion, sliced mushroom, chipotle powder, avocado, and some veggies. You can also dress your delicious burger bowl with some cool ranch dressing, and cover it with an earth bunny fabric bowl cover to retain the freshness and flavor. 

burger bowl


Your summer picnic also requires some summer drinks so bring your own or make your own alcoholic/non alcoholic beverage using mint leaves, lemon and some soda, and store them in beautiful mason jars. Also, pack something to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours to end the picnic with a nice desert. 


As for setting up this delightful picnic, aesthetics and preparedness is everything. Bring a colorful blanket, and picnic essentials; such as washable and reusable earth bunny fabric bowl covers to wrap around your food dishes to keep crawling or flying things off your beautiful food as you gaze through the day. Also, don’t forget to take along a Frisbee, some cards or binoculars for bird watching, so you can thoroughly enjoy your time outdoors. If you are a dog owner, remember to pack their leash, water bowl, some treats and garbage bags in case your fur baby leaves a smelly surprise. 


Lastly and most importantly, remember some sunscreen and hand sanitizer for the needed times. Put on your favorite summery floral dress, take out those sunnies and have a great time!! So don’t let the quarantine blues hold you back from enjoying a safe day in the sun, just shake off your gloom and worries, and use this comprehensive picnic guide to make your well-deserved day out the best that it can be