Planning a homestead kitchen can be as tricky as it is exciting. There is plenty to learn and figure out, and is quite an experience for those first venturing into homesteading, and even for those who have years of experience. While planning for a homestead kitchen, we recommend you think through every possibility to save money, and if you are wondering what options you have got, this blog is for you, brought to you by Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl covers. Taking tips from many who have mastered the art of a cost-effective homestead kitchen, there are plenty of tried and tested options for you to consider.  So without further ado, let’s talk about these great ideas. 

Go Homemade

 When it comes to bringing together a cost-effective kitchen, relying on what you already have in your kitchen will help you more than anything else. Is there any magic that cannot be conjured up in the kitchen?  We highly recommend making your own ghee, cream, mayo, kombucha, ice cream and kefir, instead of purchasing these products from the market, and as tasty as homemade is you won’t want to ever switch. It’s nice to know the ingredients that go into these delightful foods, you save money making them, and you can make only as much as you need; what’s there not to love? 



Plan a Menu : 

This might sound like a little overkill to some, but many who have tried to reign in their budget have turned to meal planning, and it has proven to be a successful solution to be more cost-effective in the kitchen. To put it simply, the idea is to buy groceries you will only need, and leave out the frivolous stuff with impulse buying. When you have planned your meal, you can keep better track of ingredients your pantry is already stocked with, check what’s on sale, and in short, shop smartly! The bonus to this concept is that not only is it cost-effective and reduces food waste, but also reduces stress!  Try it out, and find out for yourself!

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Make your own Mixes: 

Quite similar in spirit, as notions already stated is to try making your own mixes for cakes, cookies, and brownies, etc. We get that store bought mixes are convenient and all, but believe us, making your own mixes for desserts is so much better in so many ways. You can add your own secret ingredients while making the mix, you get to be creative with it, and best of all you save money; since, you most likely already have many of the required ingredients to make the mix already sitting in your pantry! When keeping with a cost-effective homestead kitchen, just have fun with it and create your own signature mixes! 

baking dough

Growing a Garden: 

Blessed with some vacant space? Consider growing your own vegetables. One of the most common cost-saving ideas for any veteran homesteader is to grow your own vegetables. Not only will you save money, it makes you more self-reliant, makes you feel peaceful about your food safety concerns, and helps the environment! 

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 Ditch the Plastic

Talking about saving the environment, ditching your plastic consumption is another great idea. A creative solution is swapping foil and plastic wrap for fabric bowl covers. Our moms and grandmas know the best cost-effective and green solutions, and we borrow one of their best tips hands-down! The fabric bowl covers they use to cover up dough while it proofs, marinate savory dishes, or have over their crocks while making kombucha. Check out these handy 100% cotton fabric bowl covers by Earth Bunny that are washable and reusable, earth-friendly and are cost-effective.  The elastic edges and three different sized options make it versatile to adhere to many dish and bowl sizes, and are a practical must-have in any homesteader’s kitchen!

Fabric Bowl Covers


We hope you have fun exploring these ideas, and make sure to check out our handmade Earth Bunny fabric bowl covers as an eco-friendly and economical solution.