Running out of ideas on how to celebrate America’s birthday properly? Don’t let the quarantine ruin your festivities, let’s take to our backyards if we can’t take to the parks and celebrate our history in the best way we can, with the beautiful fireworks and the delicious greasy bacon, all you need for a perfect day outdoors right where you and your family are closest. use this guide to plan the perfect weekend brought to you by Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl Covers, the best Online fabric bowl covers.

Things might not be back too normal for a while which means all the more reason to party and let out some steam. So take a look at this comprehensive backyard picnic guide to help you plan this special occasion: Why not make this an activity the entire family partakes in? Get the barbecue out, fetch some ingredients for the big day ( make sure to stay safe and protected using a mask and a sanitizer) and set your entire kitchen right next to the picnic table. 

Check out the following ideas for things you can easily make: salsa hot dogs, cheesy nachos, hamburgers, a salad for the diet conscious and maybe some soy ice cream for the vegan minded. Enjoy the process of creating everything with your family rather than the food itself. A great idea to get your party started are America themed chocolate cookies, jut buy regular white chocolate chip and soak them in red and blue food covering , just add these coloured chips to your dough and turn regular chocolate cookies into something everyone loves. Use washable and reusable Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl Covers to keep your food fresh and bug free while you’re hanging outside, promote American by buying products made in the red, white and blue, and help you bring down your carbon footprint immensely. 

Try the following layouts to economize space and make your pictures even brighter: 

Take the Sofas Out 

If you have a big family and want some extra comfort, why not bring out the sofas to relax and enjoy with everyone. 

Hang Those Lights 

Why not make your pictures more beautiful with some simple lighting which you can hang anywhere and everywhere. 

Fresh Salads and Desserts With Earth Bunny 

Prepare such fruit cocktails with fresh ingredients and ice cream, don’t forget the small Earth Bunny Covers to keep the fruits fresh and the ants away 


So stay safe this fourth of July with your family and enjoy the festivities right from your backyard, celebrate this great nation like it deserves with Earth Bunny Cloth bowl covers.