A better organized kitchen could translate into overall better nutritional practices for you and your family, but getting away from processed foods towards a healthier whole food diet can be a hassle in itself. The problem may not only be diversifying your home-made meal plans, but also organizing the multitude of ingredients that coincide with these meal plans so that they can be easily accessed on a daily basis. For any home cook, you may expect to spend an initial investment to get better organized; however it does not need to be a costly one.  For instance, reusing simple and smart storage techniques can revolutionize the way you cook and handle leftovers. All the while, you will be making your food not only more economical in the long run, but less of a burden on planet earth too. Take pride in a kitchen that’s truly your own by implementing these simple techniques brought to you by Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl Covers that make your food preparation and storage habits the best they can be.

DIY Cardboard Drawer Dividers

Getting sick of everything disheveled in your drawers, and not being able to find things in your kitchen where you thought you last left them? The answer is a system to keep you more organized.  The proverbial notion that there should be ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ is that everything should have somewhere to be stored, and that it should be tidily returned when not in use.  It really helps when everything has its own designated place, and what better way than to create a space for everything yourself. Customize your kitchen the way you want with this inexpensive and eco-friendly hack. Just cut out old card board boxes to suit your own drawer or space dimensions, and make dividers in your drawers, giving everything its own spot. Using cardboard over plastic ensures greater flexibility and  customization, and is an inexpensive solution in case there is a need for replacements.

cardboard dividers

Cotton Bowl Covers

Tired of cleaning out your microwave every time you heat something spillable, or even picking up delicious popcorn from the microwave turntable that it has now made food unappetizing? Use these ingenious bowl covers that solve all your food storage problems in a natural and eco-friendly way. These Fabric Bowl Covers protect your leftovers, ending your reliance on aluminium foil and plastic bowl covers that are not only wasteful but also a frivolous wasteful expense. Beautify your kitchen with this simple yet functional accessory that fits almost all kinds of bowls or dish no matter how big or small they might be.

Fabric Bowl Covers

DIY  Shoe Box Spice Holders

Store all your flavorful spices where you can always find them, right on your kitchen counter. It really beats spending 15 minutes frantically looking for each one time and time again. Utilize this DIY kitchen hack to store all of your spices together, and enjoy the aesthetics of your kitchen even more. Just re purpose an old shoe box into a personalized new spice box that captures the spirit of the room.

Spice Rack


So get your apron and get to work, you will soon become inspiring to others in turning your kitchen into a more functional, creative and organized place.