Remember those good old times when we gathered with family and friends for dining events sharing great company and food? Well, it’s time for a revival of the simpler days! With a hint of nostalgia and much-needed steps towards sustainability, let’s put our over-scheduled lives on hold and live in the present. It is time we live intentionally, and ditch wasteful methods to food storage. Here are 4 reasons to effectively replace plastic wraps and aluminium foils with Fabric bowl Covers.

Simple Alternative For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Have you always wanted an easy and simple alternative for plastic wraps and aluminium foils to cover your food? Well, then, switching to cotton bowl covers is the best option for you! Considering the toxic chemicals in plastic and how it affects your food, it is high time we switch to environment friendly options, don’t you agree? Well, we have just the perfect solution for you! Earth Bunny Bowl Covers are 100% eco-friendly and an ideal product for a greener kitchen!

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Save Tons of Money

Are you really in support of spending tons of money on products that are non-reusable, harm the environment and contribute to plenty of kitchen waste? Well, we are guessing not! If you thought the old, simple and better ways of your mothers and grandmothers are lost, let us break this to you- they are not! One of our personal favourite reasons for why you should switch to cotton bowl covers is because they save you loads of money. You can wash and use them as many times as you find necessary and viola, you save yourself plenty of kitchen waste! Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl Covers come with 100% cotton fabric, are long-lasting and are ideal to keep left-overs and fresh food covered in their serving bowls.

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Timeless Functionality

Speaking of being ideal, did you know that cotton bowl covers save a great deal of hassle and have timeless functionality? Ask the wise ones! They are a brilliant solution to problems like messy food transfers when refrigerating and reheating. As it happens to be, Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl Covers bring joy to the mix of celebrations and sharing your food! You can use these gorgeous and sturdy bowl covers for an easy way to proof your dough. And, if you are someone who loves outdoor meals, these bowl covers with strong elastic edges tightly grip around the bowls to keep flying and crawling things out of your dish,so food stays delicious, fresh and bug-free. Thanks to their timeless functionality, Earth Bunny Bowl covers are a quintessential alternative to plastic wraps!




An Aesthetically Pleasing Kitchen Essential

Raise your hands if you have bought a product solely for its aesthetic appeal! With our hands raised, let’s move on to the last, but definitely a great reason to switch from plastic wraps and aluminium foils to cotton bowl covers, and that is because they are the extra touch your presentation needs. The well made quality and striped ticking design has a vintage appeal that brings that warm and familiarity to any kitchen. We’ve long wished for a prettier and more lasting way to cover our bowls, and these reusable cloth covers are just the answer.

modular kitchen

Let’s revive the good old times and opt for an eco-friendly and a hassle free alternative for plastic-wraps and aluminium foils, that top chefs have been using for years!