If you have been planning to go greener in the kitchen, there’s plenty of sustainable, more money-saving and Eco-friendly options out there for you to give a go, but before coming to the HOWs to having a green kitchen, understanding the WHYs is equally important! Going green in your kitchen is like going back to your roots, before the environment threatening practices replaced simpler solutions! Walking towards a greener kitchen is not just a more convenient option, but quite indisputably a needed one, today. Besides being environmentally friendly, the alternatives are cost efficient and are known to have positive impacts on your health.  Inquisitive to know how? 

Following are some easy, yet efficient steps we have curated for you by Earth Bunny Fabric Bowl Covers, to take for a greener kitchen : 


Plan Your Meals 

Yes, it seems like work for those of you not in the habit of it, but ask the ones who live by planning their meals! Well, the drill is,  the process is better than it sounds! By Planning your meals, you shop smart. You can easily access what your current grocery requirements are and buy accordingly! This way, you can reduce your waste and carbon emissions. And take our word, if you opt to go with this idea, it saves a little money here and there! 

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Composting Is Cool

Well, if you weren’t aware yet, composting your food instead of filling plastic bags full of it is a pretty cool idea! Not only your kitchen waste, composting reduces your overall waste! As an individual , you can contribute plenty to the environment by a simple step as composting your food. If you scour the web or just ask the right people, you can easily get yourself updated on the process of composting! By composting food you’d normally fill your trash bag with, you can effectively minimize the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and prevent unnecessary amounts of waste from reaching the landfills.


Watch The Plastic 

To put it as simple and straightforward as possible, when going green, cut the plastic. Besides being toxic for your food, plastic is a major threat to the ecosystem of the world. Why opt for it when you have an Eco-friendly alternative to it? Earth Bunny Bowl Covers are 100 % cotton, Eco-friendly, reusable, and hence, a perfect fit for a green kitchen!

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Grow And Use 

One of our personal favorite ideas for a greener kitchen is growing our own vegetables. Believe us, it’s a life-changing experience. Not only does growing our own vegetables allow us to keep a check on where our food is coming from, you eat fresh and hold more control on when to harvest your food! Bonus : You contribute to reducing the amount of chemicals which pose a threat to our environment.  So if you have some extra space, make sure you give growing vegetables at home a try!  

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Plenty of timeless creative solutions out there can help you switch to a greener kitchen, once you have made it your goal to go green. Besides being environment friendly, a greener kitchen is much more convenient and far-sighted. If you liked our tips, take a chance at maintaining a greener kitchen today!